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Winter Challenges

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Winter is beautiful, quiet, and innocent.......

Winter is a beautiful time of the year, we love to get out and make snowmen, go sleding down big hills, and bundle up to stay warm with some chocolate. While, that's the ideal image we have in our mind, we also need to stay prepared!

This will be the start of our Winter Challenge series of being prepared. Being prepare isn't about just dressing warm, but carrying essential items for comfort, and most important, to stay safe, for our own survival.

This series will break up in to the following categories; clothing, backpacking, vehicle kits, and winter specialty items. These categories will include fire starting, shelter, food, water, clothing, and measures to keep warm if given the circumstance.

Stay tuned for our Winter Challenge series, we love to share, and we love to learn from others.

Enjoy the outdoors, and stay safe out there.

"Believe It. Express It. Live It."

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