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Fire Starting...for Survival or Camping

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Prepared is being proactive, smart, wise. Some people think being prepared is being paranoid, where some people don't prepare at all, which is irresponsible. Our "Ideas for Preparedness" page have some definitions we base our beliefs on, on of them is;




noun: preparedness

Being prepared, and having a plan is of high importance in certain fields, such as the Military.

Being prepared is very important, whether your preparing for camping, a road trip, across town trek, or survival, preparedness is vital to keeping oneself safe.

"Fire" is one of the four main survival subjects. Fire is very important to provide warmth, to cook one's food, to boil water to safely drink, and fend off predators in the wild.

We pride ourselves in maintaining several sources of Fire Starters in our everyday lives. All our kits; EDC, BOB, camping gear, car kits, RV kits, etc. all have several choices for fire starting. Being prepared is very important, like fire, but knowing how to apply preparedness, is too.

CrossedBlessed has partnered with several companies for outdoor products. We've not only invested in their products, we've done our own research, purchased the products as a consumer, practice with them, and believe they would bring great value to all alike in the community.

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding our business partners and practical applications of the products. They will help support are foundational beliefs, and help better prepare ourselves for that fun camping outing your planning, or possibly an unexpected survival situation.


"We are paving the pathways for future generations."

"Believe It. Express It. Live It."

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