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Springtime and the outdoors

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

As spring approaches, I'm sure we are all tired of the winter cold, short days, being cooped up inside, and the rigorousnes of winter overall. We now look forward to warmer weather, longer days, and taking advantage of springtime by heading outdoors.

As we approach springtime with our favorite activities at the forefront of the season. Some people start walking, biking, or just the longing to be outdoors, whatever you enjoy, be outdoors!

Our categories will be camping, hiking, and adventures, with our basic principles at the forefront of each activity; awareness, preparedness, planning, and practical applications, all the while our main goal, is to just to have fun!

I hope you enjoy our discussions, trips, pictures, and videos, along with reoccurring blogs.

Head outdoors, be safe, and God bless!

"We are paving the pathway for future generations. "

"Believe It. Express It. Live It."

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