The Fire Strip Roll™ is made out of a thick and fiberous paper. It is fully infused with wax and oxygen free.


Fire Strip Roll is easy to light using a Ferro Rod, Matches, flint striker, Bic or Zippo lighters. 


To use, simply tear off a small length of the tinder from the INSIDE of the roll. Work the tinder with your fingers to break up the wax coating. Make small, rough tears to expose the paper fibers. Apply flint spark (or open flame) to fibers. Add additional Fire Strip Roll material and/or other tinder as needed to build larger flame.


Material:  Thick wax-infused fiberous paper roll 
Height:  1.1" 
Diameter:  2.9"
Total Length:  55 ft 
Total Weight:  3.6 oz 


Fire Strip Roll (1)

SKU: FSR0001

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